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  • All about bitcoin and cryptocurrency!
    All about bitcoin and cryptocurrency!
    Exchanges, exchangers, forex cryptocurrency trading, forum, blog, groups, directory of Bitcoin sites and much more.
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  • How to start in crypto?

    This question sounds...
    How to start in crypto?

    This question sounds a bit strange, right? But if you are on this page, then everything is correct. This is where you will get the answer to the question that is most often asked of me.

    My name is Boris Semin and I have been in the crypto business since 2012. To be honest, I no longer need to explain anything to anyone, since I myself have complete order in the crypto world.

    But since I am an English teacher by my main profession, let's consider this article as my contribution to the promotion and strengthening of cryptocurrency throughout the world. My mother, who was also a teacher, probably would have been very happy to read these lines)

    As for me, I am absolutely sure that the crypto and the blockchain will change the world for the better in the very near future. Therefore, this article will be constantly added and updated on the Levelnaut website. It will be published in two languages ??- in English and in Russian, and the very first banner on the right side of the website will always point to this article.

    This will be a rather long article and it will describe all the necessary materials for successful promotion in the crypto business. But any big way needs to start with a small step and now I will tell you exactly what steps you need to do.

    By the way, this article will also be useful to those who are confused in the subject of crypto or have not received the desired results. My experience as a teacher and a crypto researcher will help you find the right path. So, let's start!

    1. Install the Telegram messenger program on your computer or mobile phone. After you install and run this program, add @borishaifa (this is me) to your contacts and only after that I will be able to guide you further.

    2. If you already know how to find the necessary group in Telegram, then look for it yourself, it is called BestCrypto or follow this link and join this community. All information is published here in English and in Russian. But you can always use Google Translator if necessary.

    3. In this group, you can ask any questions and get always up-to-date and verified information about those projects that are most promising for earning and investing cryptocurrency.

    As I said above, this article will be constantly updated and supplemented, there will be a lot of links in it. But all necessary information cannot be published at once, so I will do it gradually. Therefore, I recommend to subscribe to the Levelnaut website updates and save this particular article in bookmarks on your computer or mobile phone.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • CryptoBest group in Telegram

    By the last time...
    CryptoBest group in Telegram

    By the last time we have started a lot of new projects, and this fact allows us to make the following conclusion.

    Nowadays life is so complicated, that it is hard to take part in one project only. Unfortunately, too many of crypto projects fail. It is not a big surprise, crypto sphere is still a new concept and that is why it is not stable enough.

    Anyway, there are some suitable forms of team-work, and at least we can check the best offers and opportunities together and share them in our BestCrypto group in Telegram.

    If you want to join our group, you can check the projects that we discuss or share your own information, but before joining read the group description and rules in the pinned post there.

    We should avoid here - the usual spam. That is why - we can share any links - but obligatory to guide/lead/explain/help other group members and patiently answer their "howto" questions.

    Members that only place links without explanations will be banned in order to avoid spam. We have enough moderators, but if you want to be one more - feel free to contact admin @borishaifa and to inform about it.

    And of course, you can invite your friends to our community too. The more information we have, the more successful we are as a team.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • How to earn in Instagram

    My previous post was...
    How to earn in Instagram

    My previous post was about a surprise. Starting my long way in direction of crypto freelancing, I didn't expect to get so many of them.

    Now I can definitely say, that I have got so much insider information, that it will be really hard to implement everything.

    In a day or two, I will tell you about the new project connected to Telegram bot earning. But today I want to share with you one secret about Instagram.

    The secret is about earning in this popular social network. Probably you have already heard about the project OnTheTop. If not you really have missed a lot.

    Why? Because nearest days OnTheTop will get... a multi-language functional and everyone on our planet will get a chance to earn there.

    But the secret is as follows. The matter is - all those members of the project, who performs tasks regularly and has a paid account will get followers.. free.

    Up to the moment the paid account costs only about 1000 or 15 dollars and it is not so big sum to start a serious SMM business.

    And one more important detail. People from other countries (besides Russia) are recommended to deal with Kiwi payment system in order to get paid.

    And that is far from the last news. OnTheTop really starts a fantastic race and all the details you can get after registration by the link In this case you be able to help you a lot.

    Don't forget to subscribe to my accounts in social networks and very soon you will get some more very interesting and profitable information.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • First Prize or First Surprise?

    Very soon, my...
    First Prize or First Surprise?

    Very soon, my dear readers, I will start publishing my reports about the project "1000$ monthly by freelancing". I have told you about it in my previous publications.

    I must warn, that this task is far from to be an easy one. I have already made some mistakes. For example, I have spent about two hours taking part in the usual scam. It happened because of my laziness and instead of checking website kidsearncash in advance I started to work there immediately.

    So, I don't say, that I don't make any mistakes. Of course, I do, But sometimes I find really interesting projects and hurry to share them with you.

    For example, today I have added to my collection of Best Crypto Projects one more, that is called Online Stock Exchange. You will find it easily in the list.

    It is a rather new project, the main goal of which is investing the new small business. People from all over the world share their ideas and get investment. It is something that reminds Kickstarter, but is organized easier and more understandable. Even any newbie can take part in the project as a borrower, or as an investor.

    The most important fact is, that investments can be made both - in dollars (fiat) or in cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin). It is very good news especially nowadays and I will not explain to you all the reasons, you know them perfectly.

    So, I advise you to check all the variants before making any investment and you will enjoy the process, believe me. Also, mind that there are a lot of promotional variants and interesting tips.

    No doubts, that you will like this project, so follow the link above and click there Online Stock Exchange project in order not to waste time.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Promotion. New services

    I know that you are...
    Promotion. New services

    I know that you are waiting for this very information. Of course, I carefully watch everything that happens in the field of promotion and constantly add new services to my list, and also carefully analyze them using all the options.

    If you do not have time to read this article, then this is not a problem - here is the link and you yourself will figure it all out .

    I just want to draw your attention to the newest projects that have recently been added to the list. The first one, Alexamaster is not new to the market, but unfortunately I just didn’t pay attention to it before. But now it has been added to the list, and if you have not registered yet, do it right now.

    And the second project is Eaglewok autosurfing, which is also actually not that new. But first, it was recently acquired by the famous иес faucet MultiCoinFaucet (I also have it on Levelnaut - look for the Best Projects banner) and now it’s not only manual and auto-surfing, but also a service that allows you to earn BTC.

    And one more thing. First of all, there will be big changes in the draft yellA in a week and I will tell about them in one of the following articles.

    And secondly, as you probably already know the promotion service on the Levelnaut website, which I call My Media, also changed a lot. And if you want information about your company/project/business/idea/news to be distributed as efficiently as possible, you can do it for just 100$ now.

    More details about this are also written on the Levelnaut website (you can easily find the banner you need) on the right side of the sidebar. In short, your information will be distributed on approximately 200 platforms, which means that each publication will cost only about... 0.5 USD.

    I also want to remind you that I have been working in the field of SMM and SEO since 2003. A large number of Internet users have become my readers, subscribers and customers. More than 250 thousand of them regularly visit my blogs, groups and channels. Therefore, if you need a serious promotion, then you can also get it without any problems. Good luck in your promotion

    Boris Siomin,

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  •   TheCryptoNetwork reacted to this post about 5 months ago
    Decenturion. Insider information  https://leve... Decenturion. Insider information More
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  • Happy New Year!

    Dear friends! Dear readers,...
    Happy New Year!

    Dear friends! Dear readers, subscribers, followers, referrals and of course, my colleagues in Crypto World.

    Today I want to wish you all the best and the most positive things in the new 2019 year. I wish you also a lot of joy, health and good luck!

    I am very glad that we were together in 2018 and I believe that the past year was very successful for me.

    Firstly, with your help, I was able to collect on the Levelnaut website information about all the best crypto social networks on the Internet.

    Secondly, I was able to determine for myself which of all these projects is the best and most promising. Today I can quite confidently say that this is the world's first blockchain-state Decenturion.

    Thirdly, I not only got a job in the Decenturion project, but even became the leader of one of the working groups. By the way, if you speak foreign languages, I can also invite you to work in your group. To do this, simply add my username - borishaifa to your Telegram contacts.

    Fourthly, I met very interesting people in the Crypto World and many of them became my friends.

    That is why I believe that the past, 2018 was very successful for me. I hope that you also had a lot of good and interesting things in the past year.

    Once again, I congratulate you on New Year and wish you all the best!

    Boris Siomin,
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    Crypto World is Waiting For you!

    - Earn,
    Crypto World is Waiting For you!

    - Earn,
    - Get new followers and subscribers,
    - Advertise and Promote,
    - Create your Basic Income yourself
    In Crypto Social Networks

    Use This information for FREE
    It is not late, it is just right time!
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  • The Folman Report About Triple Dark Horse... The Folman Report About Triple Dark Horse Privacy Coins Special Issue.

    I’m reaching our on behalf of Asger Folmann (In it for the Money, the Folmann Report).
    He is Influencer, entrepreneur, scholar, author, actor etc.
    He Runs and hosts In it for the Money on YouTube (+57,000 subscribers). Author of The Folmann Report; a monthly crypto investment newsletter (+20,000 subscribers). Asger has drawn public attention due to his acting career and no-nonsense approach to the Asger Folmann markets. He is also a blockchain advisor and a regular guest on WFN1’s CEO Money.
    He makes a report about Triple Dark Horses Privacy Coins Special Issue on October 25,2018.
    This is a special issue of The Folmann Report, specifically focusing on three high-risk, high-potential privacy cryptocurrencies.

    Personally I (Asger Folmann) am very careful with my position sizes for this type of trades. For reasons that will be obvious after having read the below, all three of these privacy Dark Horses must be considered extremely high risk. I like to look at it as follows: I have an 80% risk of losing most of my investment, but I have a 20% chance of getting my money back tenfold or more. That makes the investment sensible from a statistical point of view, which is all I need to make it. This should also be taken into consideration when closing a position in the green: I took a tremendous risk opening the position in the first place, so I need serious gains; otherwise it makes no sense to play this game in the first place.

    The general standard for privacy coins seems to be somewhat lower, than for other cryptocurrencies.
    Anonymous teams are almost the norm, and plans reaching beyond standard elements such as staking, private send, and Mac wallet are rare. They typically also have stronger communities, which is a good thing. Many investors also constantly chase the “privacy coin of the year”. Combined, these factors give privacy coins a huge upside potential, although most investors would frown at the idea of investing in them. This is not the same game as investing in Stellar, Unibright, or most of the other cryptocurrencies that have been featured in the Folmann Report.




    Originally forked from ZCash, Hush is a privacy coin, and has a vision to create an encrypted message and crypto wallet app. Circulating supply mimics that of Bitcoin.

    Strong focus on technology. Most updates are posted on Github and shared on Twitter. Team is public, active and appear very dedicated. Strict focus on security. Recently implemented KMD notarization, a significant security feature developed by the Komodo team.
    Team is recruiting more developers. Very modest team premine of 0.578%. Working wallets for Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as a web wallet. Hush has won several voting contests in the past, which is either an expression of a strong community, or of high technical skills of the developer team. Either way, it’s a plus. Vision is to create the most secure and advanced privacy coin ever. Team seems capable to deliver on this promise. Works on TOR node integration. Website has 8 language versions. Hush is integrated in several mining pools.

    Almost no trading volume = no investor interest. No white paper. Has only had negative price movements throughout 2018. Did move up with the market, during the recent week’s market optimism, which could be considered a good sign. According to Github, It’s been almost 10 months since there was active development of the messenger app. Note: this doesn’t mean that there’s been no development, only that it hasn’t been shared publicly.


    In terms of price-action, the only market movements on the Hush chart since late April 2018, have been people selling their tokens. Trading volume is extremely low, and given the extreme discrepancy between the current price and the all time high, it seems obvious that most investors are likely disappointed right now. Many have bought at significantly higher levels.
    In the past, however, Hush has been able to perform covert marketing campaigns. In fact, the pattern for most of these small cap coins seem to consist of intense forum activities utilizing scores of fake profiles. Immoral, yes, but highly effective. If Hush manages to re-spark an interest, smart investors can make some amazing gains, at least if they’re not too greedy.
    Also, according to this article, Hush sees their “primary use case on the TOR browser, Signal, and other private communications systems.”
    In other words; they’re aiming for Dark Web use. This may be the real attraction with this type of investment: if Dark Web merchants were to start using Hush as a means of payment, a massive growth would be expected. I don’t see this in the near future, however, so I’m treating this investment as a
    short/mid term investment that will probably be fuelled by covert marketing efforts by the team, and/or by pump-and-dump groups who can benefit from the low trading volume.



    Aims to become the fastest cryptographically private digital currency, providing almost instant transactions with absolute privacy protection. They’ve dubbed their technology, Quantum Proof-of-Stake (qPoS).

    In late February 2018, the team behind Stealth launched the service, StealthPay. On this website, users can send money anonymously, buy and sell XST, pay and request payments from others. The site also has what appears to be seamless merchant integration. StealthPay also offers the option to sell XST tokens in many different ways, e.g. exchanging directly to Amazon gift cards. This effectively makes XST tokens spendable. Since Stealth is allegedly anonymous, people can essentially purchase or exchange any other crypto for XST, which can then be spent via a middle man; the Stealth team. StealthPay can also be used to buy any coin on Cryptopia or Bittrex with cash. Stealth is/was sponsor of numerous prestigious conferences, e.g. Consensus Singapore, and Consensus New York. This lends legitimacy to Stealth. Stealth is trading on Bittrex, which is also a stamp of approval, since Bittrex is known to have an increasingly strict listing policy. Clearly has a marketing budget. Market capitalization was $44 million at its all time high. Currently down over 92%. Has followed the general crypto market fluctuations, but with more volatility. Will likely see far higher gains than e.g. Bitcoin, once we enter a bull market. Focus on TOR privacy. Has qPoS white paper. Has several working desktop clients. Offers a custom designed Ledger Nano with Stealth logo = branding efforts. Offers PoS (qPoS) with an annual return of 20%.
    Semi-anonymous team. Posts photos of the team on Twitter, but none of the members are listed on the website. Since September 2018, trading volume has become very low. StealthPay website doesn’t live up to current standards for web design. Subject to inflation due to the high staking rewards. Usually, less than half of tokens are staked, so a 10% annual inflation rate seems a rational guess. Several dead social media links on StealthPay website.

    Stealth bears some resemblance with Verge in its early stages. Whether it too is run by criminals, we currently don’t know. We do know, however, that Stealth has a working service (StealthPay), spends
    money on conferences and high quality listings, and provides frequent updates and technical developments. As with Hush, Stealth also states the ambition to be “integrated” on the Dark Web. Whether that’s already the case, I don’t know, but I doubt it.
    The Stealth price has also been relatively stable over the past few months. When the general market trades sideways, the worst cryptocurrencies plummet. The fact that this didn’t happen, tells me that there must be investors out there, who believe in the long-term potential of Stealth.
    I think there’s a good chance Stealth could see massive gains in a crypto bull market, at the very least returning to its early May 2018 high at around $12 million market capitalization. This would translate into a 245% gain.
    The real selling point may rather be that Stealth clearly has a budget for marketing. The high developer activity level tells me that they are far from done with this project. If they manage to spread the idea that they will become the next Dark Web payment solution, this rumor alone could trigger serious FOMO and violent price action. If Stealth could attain even half the market capitalization of Verge at its all time high, we would be looking at gains in the 57,000% range.
    Risky as hell? Indeed. High potential? Very much so.
    As with all anonymous privacy cryptocurrencies, there’s always a risk that the whole thing’s a scam.


    Allegedly a private, secure and scalable decentralized platform allowing users to create, register and relay economic data. Vision is to build
    several products, e.g. the Null Protocol Mainnet, an asset manager app, etc.

    Very active, growing, and bullish community on Telegram. NulleX just launched master nodes. Recently formed a partnership with Linda (LINDA). Team has an ambitious long-term vision. Highly technical focus. According to white paper: “NulleX is based on the work of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Dash Team, and further the PIVX Team.” Team is allegedly in talks “with an organization that would make use of NulleX’s technology, for data protection and financial administration. Further updates on this will be released closer to Q1 2019.” Small but tech-strong team with extensive experience in the blockchain space. Nullex is part of the US Tour De Crypto. Has functional desktop wallets for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Recently launched a YouTube channel with video guides. Team is allegedly working on more masternode listings. Beta testing of a desktop crypto portfolio app (referred to as “the Swiss army knife of the crypto industry”) is set to commence in Q4 of 2018.

    No team members list Nullex on their LinkedIn profiles. Although the team covers the most important bases, it only consists of six members: four developers, one marketing/social media manager, and one business manager. Other than the immediate utility of NLX as a means of payment, it is currently unclear exactly what the function of NLX tokens will be after the launch of the mainnet. Very low trading volume.


    Even though this must be considered a part time project for the team-members, they do seem to make progress in terms of development, partnerships, community building, etc. They clearly have a vision for the future, although it is almost incomprehensible to non-crypto experts. If companies were to utilize the NulleX protocol, we could see some this project gain some serious traction. Not because of the actual utility of the tokens (since we don’t know it), but rather because of FOMO and hype.
    NulleX may seem like an insane investment. However, compare them to an ICO who’s promising to build their own blockchain, crypto portfolio app, form partnerships, etc. On this basis, NulleX is actually far ahead. They currently have much more than a white paper, and the team does seem competent and dedicated. Combining these observations with the extremely low market capitalization, Nullex does have radical potential.

    Recently, I’ve seen a few (fake?) accounts shilling NulleX across various social media. This could signify the beginning of a larger covert marketing campaign, which is exactly what can make such a project explode. The risk is high, but if the team can stay on track, and if the portfolio app gains traction, or a single corporate partnership is formed, I could easily see significant gains in NulleX’s near future. If this coincides with a crypto bull market, a 10x scenario is probably a very conservative estimate.

    All three Dark Horses are similar in the sense that I foresee the teams initiating marketing efforts, that will create hype and FOMO among investors. I am well aware that they are currently in a state, that would qualify them for a shitcoin classification by most investors.
    However, since we are the smart money, we will know exactly what is going on, and we will not care whether the promises being made by these semi-dubious companies are true or not, because we already have a clear plan that dictates our cause of action.
    I personally plan to invest around $100 in each of these picks. Should Hush e.g. return to its all time high, that $100 would be worth $10,000. The loss of $100 won’t be felt, but the gain of $10,000 is noticeable.

    Most crypto investors will likely think you’ve lost your mind, if you tell them you invested in any of these privacy coins, but keep in mind that these three companies all have PROVEN track records of performing covert marketing that somehow leads to FOMO among certain segments of investors. I have little doubt that they’ll be able to pull it off again. The question remains; how low will they go before that happens?
    Again, I want to reiterate how little I’ll be investing in these Dark Horses. They are as risky as they get, but they also all have the potential to gain at least 1000%, possibly much more. But if you were to invest larger amounts, say $10,000, you would have a very hard time selling all your coins, and you’d make the coin price tank in the process. This is where you must prove to yourself, that you are the smart money.
    This report is the intellectual property of Asger Folmann, The Folmann Report, In it for the Money, Red Circle LLC. You are not allowed to share it with others without the explicit written consent of the author.
    The content of this report is not financial advice, merely personal speculations that you are free to use or disregard. The author(s) are in no way responsible for losses that may incur based on the ideas presented here.

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  • Crypto Networks. Secrets and Talks

    If you are...
    Crypto Networks. Secrets and Talks

    If you are in this crypto social network, then - no problem. Here you can find answers to any questions, and read any information. In a pinch, you can write a new post, use the search, or contact other users by personal message or with the help of a comment.

    But if you want to become a crypto blogger, earn cryptocurrency in the crypto social networks, then you need to do it on a specialized website

    Therefore, if you have a few free minutes and you do not know what to do at this time, then it is best decision - to come here and this will be a very useful time for you. This website has all the answers. In order to get them you can use the menu, website banners or search.

    In addition, you can use the website as a regular forum, since here all the articles are thematic and at the end of each post there is a place for comments and for communication. Here you will always be answered, because almost at any time someone from active readers or authors of the website is online.

    By the way, the website has a section for authors, who get excellent promotion for themselves and for the projects they write about. If you also want to become the author of the website, then you can easily find a banner in the right side that tells how to do it. is a kind of center for all crypto social networks, here all contacts and addresses of all crypto social networks, support services are published. That is why here you can not only communicate with friends and colleagues, but also learn all the most important and useful news and secrets for work. And this is also money.

    Therefore, we invite to us not only crypto bloggers, PR managers of all crypto social networks, but also just newbies who want to learn more about the crypto world and earn in crypto social networks.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Guys please tell me the best crypto site to... Guys please tell me the best crypto site to purchase XRP and other coins. I have an account with Coinbase but I can't buy XRP, Eos or others. Is there a sire called coinphase? More
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    Dnes milióny...

    Dnes milióny lidí můžou odstranit akné, pupínky a uhry díky tomuto receptu! Julie totiž odhalila recept kosmetické společnosti, která podle něho vytvořila zcela nový produkt. Četné provedené výzkumy ještě jednou dokázaly účinnost tohoto zcela přírodního receptu a jeho schopnost zredukovat projevy akné a uhrů po pouhých 7 dnech!
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  • Banner system at Levelnaut

    Yesterday we...
    Banner system at Levelnaut

    Yesterday we talked about services for promotion, and today I will tell you about one very convenient and universal tool that you can use for analysis, for statistics and for promotion too. But unlike yesterday's services, all these tools are free.

    So, dear readers, today I will tell you in detail about the banner system on the website, the main topic of which is crypto social networks of the Internet.

    All the banners you need for work are on the right side of the website, which webmasters call the sidebar. Since all the materials of the website from the first days of its existence are published in English and in Russian, all banners (with the exception of advertising) are also presented in this form.

    And now, let's consider them in the order in which they are located - from top to bottom.

    The first and last sidebar banners are promotional. Advertising on the website is organized by the WordPress platform, so nothing depends on me here.

    Best Projects to Earn Crypto - these banners, more precisely the information that is behind them - helps to earn a crypto cash. This money can be useful to you for creating initial capital, for upgrades and boosters in crypto networks, etc. At once I will say that it is very difficult to earn serious money in these projects.

    Best Crypto Networks - is the most important tool in the work of any cryptoblogger. Here is represented TOP100, which is constantly updated and moderated, in terms of relevance.

    Potential crypto networks - is a reserve for the TOP100 list and there are projects that for some reason are not included in the TOP100 (did not pass the ICO, did not connect the user compensation system, did not meet all the requirements of crypto networks, etc.) At various periods of time, the number of websites presented here reached 300.

    Open University of crypto social networks - in short, it's a knowledge base, training courses for crypto bloggers, the most important library for those who want to master this profession.

    Referral Programs of crypto networks - this section is necessary for those who want to earn on affiliate programs and pay much attention to the training of their followers, subscribers and students.

    Crypto Socio Groups is the most important place for promotion of your own projects, your blogs, websites, groups, etc. This is a great opportunity to share your links and tell other users about new and interesting projects.

    Services for Promotion - here are various websites and platforms that offer both paid and free options for promotion.

    Contacts (Contacts) - this banner is understandable to any user, even a beginner. Here you can find contacts, channels and pages of most crypto social projects, as well as a chat in Telegram to contact the project administration.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Crypto Networking

    Today I have very important...
    Crypto Networking

    Today I have very important and positive news for all those users who are seriously interested in crypto networking and can call themselves cryptonetworkers.

    The fact is that today I want to give you a tool that can be an excellent indicator of all your work.

    This tool is called TOP100 of Crypto Networks and is located at and many of you are aware of this.

    Recently, with this list, just a gigantic job has been done and it has become much more useful and convenient to use.

    First, now you can not only see all the crypto social networks (or projects approaching in essence to them), but also to find out what the project coin is called.

    Secondly, now you can see which of these coins are already registered on the main for all of us website - CoinCapMarket.

    Third, now you can just copy this list to your notepad page and save it to your computer's desktop. And then, every month (year or week) enter there the number of coins that you have on each account, in each crypto social network.

    You should agree, that it is very convenient and this approach very accurately gives you an idea of ​​what results you have achieved, working in each of the projects.

    Especially for those who are just starting (or planning to start) their way in crypto networking, I want to remind you about the existence of the Open University of crypto social networks, where a lot of useful information is collected.

    And now, dear readers, I can only wish you good luck in your work and soon become real whales in the crypto social ocean.

    Boris Siomin,
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